5 Ways to get more alone time with your hubby

alone timeOnce kids come into the picture, it seems that it is impossible to find alone time with  your hubby. In fact, a Trojan Lubricants and YourTango study proved that after having kids, 78 percent of parents say their sex lives are practically non-existent. Uff, that sucks doesn't it?!

As a good parent you want to make sure your kids are doing well in school, being fed the right things, plus all the other every day necessities that you need to accomplish. By the time your man comes home, you're famished and he's exhausted. Despite this, the study also learned that 40 percent of couples still want to have sex and if they had an extra hour everyday that's EXACTLY what they would be doing!


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Even as parents it's important to nourish the relationship you both have. After all, if it weren't for you two getting together, your kids wouldn't be here! It's hard to squeeze some quality time in, but the key is to sneak it in when you can. Below are some smart ways to do so:

1. Schedule a date night: It's important that you and your hubby get together at least once a week for dinner or an activity where the two of you can update each other on your lives. You deserve this time away from the kids and don't forget to make sure to dial your babysitter!

2. Plan a sex date: Trust me, it's a great way to feel like you two are trapped and have nothing to do but be in each other's company. And when you're getting in the mood, you won't have kids walking in trying to interrupt you.

3. Sext: Don't be shy about sending naughty messages or pictures to your hubby! It's a great way to keep things going and it usually leads to the real deal. The study also found that more than half of parents do this already, so get on it if you haven't yet! 

4. Introduce sex toys: Keep your sex life alive by adding new props once in a while. There are plenty of couple's sex toys you can use and the survey discovered that 58 percent of parents already use these in the bedroom.

5. Have staycations: If you can't afford to go away, have your relatives watch your kids while you spend a lazy Saturday watching Netflix all day and ordering in take out. 

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