Christian sex worker had sex with HOW MANY men!?

gwyneth montenegroA 34-year-old Australian woman who became a successful escort has released a book titled 10,000 Men and Counting in which she depicts her career journey. Gwyneth Montenegro says she was raised a devout Christian but she ended up pursuing a career as a sex worker after a dark time in her life. She was gang raped at the age of 18 which eventually led her to becoming a high end escort by the time she was 21.

Her low self-esteem was to blame for falling into this line of work, but Montenegro noticed what a natural she was at it and literally making it her business.


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The former escort says that her line of work gave her the confidence she lacked  and likened the escort business to a family. In fact, Gwyneth Montenegro isn't her real name, it's only a pseudonym she used for her book. She also says she used many different identities during her escort days as she worked her way up the ladder. However, she did use a real picture of herself for the cover of her book.

In her book, she reveals that she would make thousands of dollars and spend time with well respected clients.They introduced her to cocaine which she became addicted to for more than six months. "People have certain perceptions of escorts--you don't know who could get into it--and I wanted to de-stigmatise it," she explained. She also wrote it as a means to inform women thinking of getting into the industry as to what it is really like.

"The main thing for me is that if I can change one person from making that decision [to enter the industry] then I would have done something good, something meaningful and that would mean a lot to me," she said. The amount of money she made was one of her motivators to staying in the industry for as long as she did, until she had a serious accident when she was 24. She calls the accident her wake-up call which caused her to change her career path. She became a licensed pilot, but health problems ended up making her retire by the time she was 33. However she didn't let this get her down and she is currently working on creating a life coaching company with a business partner.

I've always wondered how some women end up in this type of industry and it's fascinating that Montenegro was brave enough to tell her story. Some women wouldn't have the guts to write a book about the truth behind the industry since it's frowned upon. I'm glad Montenegro was able to break out of it while she was still young despite it being difficult to pass up. Being in your 20's and having all that money can be extremely tempting. Hopefully her latest project works out and I'm positive it will since she seems to have a natural knack at being a business woman!

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