6 Tips for great beach sex this summer!

Summer is here but the temperature outdoors isn't the only thing getting hotter--our libidos increase during this season as well! One of the most popular places to get frisky during the summer is of course, the beach. But while sex at the beach may sound appealing and spontaneous, it actually requires a little bit more planning than you think ... that is, if you want to ensure that you and your partner have a good time and escape uninjured (seriously, it can happen). Check out six tips for having great beach sex below:


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1. Bring a blanket or a towel. Chances are you may already have these on hand if you're on the beach--which is a good thing, since sand gets EVERYWHERE, including those places where you definitely don't want it to be.

2. Wait until night time. I'm all for being bold, but having sex on the beach in the middle of summer probably isn't the best idea unless you want to get arrested for public nudity or traumatize a couple of innocent kids for life. So unless you live near a very, very isolated beach, wait until it gets darker to get busy.

3. Don't get too close to the shoreline. You don't want a huge wave to randomly come and soak you and your partner. All that salt water definitely isn't good for your skin and you definitely don't want to be close to any critters (eek jellyfish!) that may be lurking.

4. Avoid having sex in the water. First of all, being in the water when it's dark (see #2) can be dangerous. Plus, having sex in the water makes you vulnerable to all kind of infections. Also, it makes using condoms more difficult and more likely they'll slide off. Stick to the shore (on a towel!).

5. Dress for sex. I'm not talking about a garter belt and lace panties here. Remember this is public sex. Your clothes and shoes should be easily slipped on and off, as in skirts, flip flops, etc.

6. Enjoy the moment! Obviously, precautions need to be taking while having sex in a public place, like the beach. But it'll be no fun if you get too caught up in the paranoia of something going wrong. Mishaps do happen but the best thing to do is just try to stay out of getting you and your partner. Other than that, if things are going smoothly, roll with it and enjoy!

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