Ideas for marriage proposals & wedding planning Latina style!

I read that 27 years is the median age for first-time brides in this country. That means that I have a decade to come up with creative ideas for my daughter's wedding. Not that she'd consider any of my ideas, but I can't help behave like the stereotypical Latina mami I swore I wouldn't become --opinionated and meddlesome. I love creating memorable experiences that can be shared with my entire familia.


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A memorable and unique marriage proposal 

Supposedly 95% of marriage proposals are done by grooms so, unless this changes, I'll have to work on my future son-in-law. My idea was prompted by an amazing flash mob proposal we experienced in the heart of Central Park in New York City while my familia was taking pictures in front of the Angel of Waters Fountain at Bethesda Terrace. 

Suddenly, one-by-one in a crowd of 25-plus strangers came together and began to dance to the song "Marry You" by Bruno Mars playing on a boom box. Towards the end of the song, the groom-to-be joined the dancers for a few minutes; he then knelt and proposed to the unsuspecting bride-to-be!

The couple's parents, family and friends who were among the crowd joined in. It was so unique and memorable! And talk about a VERY public display of affection. What I like about this is that for those of us who have familia abroad this special moment can be posted on social media so that everyone we know and love can be a part of this special moment. 

Also this extraordinary occasion is now memorialized and can be shared with new generations! The only change I'd make is to create a "mash-up" of Bruno Mars, Romeo Santos and Enrique Iglesias songs.

Watch this VIDEO of a similar proposal at the same location so you can get an idea:  

The wedding planning and preparation

A Latina-style wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation and it's usually a family affair! Andrea, who works with me at MamásLatinas, created a wedding website to share special moments and photos leading up to her wedding day; to communicate every detail on the wedding for those attending as well as the gifts that she had registered for. I love the fact that she registered for experiences during her honeymoon that loved ones can help pay for!

Here's a link to the page that takes you through the creation of your wedding website.

Andrea tells me that was her number one source of guidance and inspiration during wedding planning process. The site features links to useful articles, thousands of wedding photos and more. The Wedding Checklist was the most comprehensive she had seen and the site's Budgeter tool was instrumental in estimating and tracking her wedding expenses. What's great about all of the tools and features is that they can be customized and personalized to fit the tastes and needs of any Latina!

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