5 signs you're moving TOO fast with your new man

Being in a new relationship is exhilarating and exciting! However there are still some precautionary steps you should take before committing yourself to a man. Trust me, I know it's the best thing in the world to meet a man who seems like the best thing since sliced bread, but you still have to be careful.

Often times, women are blinded by the lustful first stages of a relationship and end up seriously regretting decisions they made in the heat of the moment.


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It's very easy to get caught up in the first stages of love. Everything your SO does is perfect and you can see yourself marrying him and maybe even starting a family. There's nothing wrong with admiring your man and hoping that things work out for the best, but there are a few things to keep in mind before jumping the gun. Below are some signs you may be moving TOO fast with your man:

You move in right away: You barely know his family or much of his history and you're already calling him hubby. Girl, pump those brakes! 

You loan him money: I'm not talking spotting him at dinners. I mean you're helping him pay off his college student loans or other larger debt.

You are with him ALL the time: I mean you spend practically every waking moment with him and haven't seen your friends in forever. In a healthy relationship you need to give each other space and have your own lives apart from one another.

You see his family more than your own: This is a problem, chica if you have seen his tias, abuelos more than your own. Make sure you balance this aspect of your relationship and spend quality time with your familia too. 

You talk marriage & kids: You've barely been together six months and you're already discussing and fantasizing about marrying each other and having kids together. Relax, you don't know at this stage in the relationship if your love is meant to last a lifetime yet.

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