vibratorI don't know how some people get themselves into these crazy accidents during sex but they just get worse and worse! In the latest episode of TLC's Sex Sent me to the ER, an unnamed Kansas woman was using a pinky sized vibrator while having sex with her boyfriend when it suddenly got lost inside her.

Except it didn't get lost in her vagina. It got lost in another hole ... um, no, not that one either. This one is going to make you cringe!


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The woman checked into the ER and shocked a doctor and nurse with her story. Dr. Goldenberg and Nurse Wendy Goldenberg recall a woman who came in to their hospital with her boyfriend complaining about pain in her genital area caused by a vibrator. At first they thought she had it stuck inside her vagina, until they did further examinations.

That's when they found that the woman had managed to get the tiny vibrator stuck in her URETHRA! The boyfriend said the device slipped out of his finger and accidentally went up his girlfriend's urethra. Doctors were skeptical at first because of how tiny the canal is, but boy were they wrong! In fact, the vibrator was found inside her bladder and says he can't imagine the pain the woman was feeling. Luckily for her they were able to remove it and she is better now.

Wow, it makes you think twice about using sex toys during sex, huh?! If you thought that story was bad, wait until you hear about these other sexcidents. They're funny and scary enough to give you nightmares! --Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado (gallery)

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