You and your hubby are going to love the first vibrator made for men!

pulse vibratorUsually, when you think of vibrators, you associate them with women. But men are quickly becoming the target in the sex toy world, which brings me to this new vibrator for men. Adam Lewis, the creator of Hot Octopuss, a popular UK sex toy brand decided that it was time to create a vibrator that was appropriate solely for men.

Introducing the first  "guybrator" called Pulse!


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Pulse is already available in the U.S and is a well thought out vibrator that went through over five years of planning and extensive research. Lewis's idea was inspired by a medical study he read based on penile vibratory stimulation. This method helps men who are suffering from spinal cord injuries to orgasm and it influenced Lewis' latest project.

Unlike the rest of the vibrating sex toys for men, Pulse focuses on oscillations as opposed to vibrators to stimulate the man. It also aims to hit the frenulum, a sensitive tissue found under the penis, and focuses on deeper and higher vibrations. As Lewis states, female and male vibrators are very different. "If a guy takes a female product to his bits, it'll feel really nice, but it'll never get him to the stage of orgasm or real arousal because they're very tiny vibrations," he said.

Unlike many other products out there, Lewis says that Pulse is less embarrassing for men to own and hopes that this opens up more of a sex toy market for men. It can also be used with a partner which is a win-win in my book! He also thinks its crazy when people say that men don't need sex toys. "I want to ask, 'Why do women need sex toys? You've got a hand, that'll do.' It's obviously just not the case for women and it's not the case for men either. There's 100 different ways to achieve orgasm. Why should us guys just have one?".

He does make a good point there! Many men I know are intimidated by sex toys and the idea of using one, so this might be a good way to ease them into them. There's nothing wrong with experimenting from time to time and for all they know they will enjoy it. All we can do now is keep an eye on Pulse and hope that it does well with the male demographic. You never know, this might lead to other even more interesting sex toys for you and your man! 

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