The best type of penis for a long-term relationship is …

sexThere is constant debate over whether women prefer big, small, thin or thick penises. I always say to each his own, but science has now revealed that we DO have a preference. To be more specific we favor a certain type of penis over the other depending on the stage of life we are in.

For example when we are looking for a fling, there is one we prefer over the rest. Can you guess what it could be?


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During a recent study 41 women were asked to handle penises of different sizes made with a 3D printer. They ranged from four inches to eight and a half inches varying in circumference.

As it turns out, when it comes to one night stands, length didn't matter, but women preferred a man with a "girthy" penis. For long term relationships they focused more on length rather than on thickness. On average, for both long term and one night stands, the length they preferred was six and a half inches. Hmmmm, very specific, huh?

The theory behind why women prefer a thicker penis for one night stands is that it makes it easier to stimulate the clitoris during sex which easily leads to orgasms. The good news for guys is that a second study done with the penis models proved that women tend to overestimate the size of a penis. 

Like I said, different strokes for different folks. Some women prefer a certain type of penis than others, but I find it interesting that they prefer men with greater girth for one night stands, but longer penises for long-term relationshps. I'm sure this doesn't mean that men with thicker penises can't find women to settle down with either. At least guys can rest easy now and be less self conscious about their penis size!

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