Woman betrayed by cheating husband finds love in unexpected place

couplesImagine finding out that your husband was cheating on you and left you for another woman. This is what happened to Deborah Parker when she her husband of 33 years, Tony, announced he was leaving her. The 53-year-old mom remembers how devastated she was when her husband left and turned to unhealthy habits.

However, this all changed when she met Alan Goodwin and you'll never believe the twist in this story. She even says she's glad that her husband cheated on her!


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Tony left Parker for a woman he worked with named Dawn, who also left her husband. They moved in together as Parker moped and turned to alcohol and painkillers to ease her pain. One day she posted a status on Facebook about how devastated she was and got a response from a woman who said her father-in-law Alan was in the same boat. This is how she found out that Alan was Dawn's ex-husband of 24 years. 

As a result, his daughter-in-law gave Parker his number in order for her to talk to someone experiencing the same heartbreak. The mom of four called Alan one day and hit it off instantly. They were each other's support and started off as friends. They eventually became roommates and before they knew it, they'd fallen in love. 

Alan said, "I was devastated when Dawn left me. I thought I'd never love again, but Deborah is the best thing that ever happened to me." Parker shares the same sentiments: "I always thought I was happy before, but now everyone always comments on how happy I seem and I'm so in love with him."

What a strange and sweet story! Who would have thought that this woman would one day end up with her ex-husband's girlfriend's ex-hubby! It's almost as if it was serendipitous the fact that they met at the time they were introduced. As terrible as their luck may have started, this story proves there is an upside to every heartbreak.

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What do you think of this woman's love story?

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What do you think of this woman's love story?

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