15 of the funniest nicknames for penises

penisAs a society we've come up with the silliest names for our private parts that it's almost impossible to keep track of. We told you all the crazy names there are out there for vaginas, but what about penises? There are probably more nicknames for penises than you ever imagined and you've probably used more than one of these in conversations.

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When you've talked about penises in the past chances are you don't always refer to it as a "penis." Instead you opt for silly nicknames for them like "weiner". I guess by giving private parts nicknames, it makes them sound like less of an inappropriate topic to speak about in public (well, sometimes).

Take a look at all the crazy names we have out there for your man's member!

1. Cock

2. Pee Pee

3. Weiner

4. Dong

5.One-eyed monster

6. Trouser snake

7. Magic stick

8. Johnson

9. D***

10.Skin flute

11. Sausage

12. Winky

13. Twig and berries

14. Wang

15. Third leg

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