Woman confused man's penis for a bag of veggies

veggiesI love going to farmer's markets this time of the year. You get to buy a variety of fresh organic produce and help support your local farms at the same time. Sometimes, however, people get creative with their veggies.  Luis Gonzaga, a 77-year-old from Florida, is accused of exposing himself with a plastic bag while standing behind a woman in line.

Oblivious to the whole ordeal, wait until you hear what she thought was poking her from behind! It's pretty hilarious! 


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The woman assumed a bag of produce was touching her from behind only to learn it was NOT what she thought it was. A witness who spotted what was going on alerted the lady about Gonzaga who was standing behind her. Other shoppers tackled the man as he tried to run away from the scene.

Another woman spotted him earlier with his genitals exposed and said he covered them with a plastic bag and would remove the bag while getting in line. Police say Gonzaga told them that the indecent exposure was by mistake and denied doing it on purpose because he was impotent. The cops didn't believe him and he was charged with lewd or lascivious exhibition, indecent exposure and battery.

Ha! Nice try, guy! I can see how she probably thought  carrots, squash or cucumbers were poking her from behind, but two times is one time too many. It kind of cracks me up that he thought hiding his penis in a plastic bag would seem less suspicious, but c'mon, it's a clear bag! I will admit it's impressive that Gonzaga can still get it up at his age, but that's not something to flaunt in public. Hopefully this woman isn't too traumatized, but obviously, that's one more danger to look out for the next time you're buying veggies!

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