WATCH: A man reacts violently to a woman's rejection

drinksFrom time to time as women we will encounter a relentless guy we have no interest in talking to. One 20-year-old woman experienced just that when visiting a bar in London. The unidentified lady is seen on a security camera chatting with friends as a man is trying to talk to her.

She didn't respond to his advances and ignored him which caused him to lash out in an unexpected way. Wait until you see what he does!


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It's bad enough that women are hit on by men who can't get a clue. But nothing is more unattractive than a man who continues to press on when you have already voiced that you have no interest in him.

The security video shows the woman and her friends and another group of men chatting. One of guys is seen trying to get the attention of one woman.

When the woman he was targeting ignores him, he flips out and tosses his drinks at her and her friends. At one point the men even fling the glasses and smash one woman in the face. Police are still searching for the man who left the group of women and bar go-ers shocked.

What a loser! He only reacted this way because being rejected hurt his ego and he couldn't handle it. I don't know why he would think throwing his drink and glasses at these women would help his case anyway. It's apparent to me why he is alone in the first place, because if he has a short temper like that, no woman is going to want to deal with him. I hope police catch him soon. 

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