5 Tips to taking topless selfies that you won't regret

toplessPeople are obsessed with selfies today--and as proof, consider that the term was even named the word of the year in the Oxford dictionary. People have taken selfies with family, friends, animals, and of course all by themselves. There is one selfie in particular though that raises eyebrows and can be controversial if taken the wrong way.

I'm talking about the topless selfie. Yep, there are ladies out there who are taking pictures half naked and some are doing it all WAYYY wrong. The good news is there are classy ways to take a topless selfie and I'm here to break it down for you.


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Now I know I've scrolled down my Instagram feed and seen topless selfies done way wrong. You know what I'm talking about. You've spotted the women who have no filter (not to be confused with an Instagram filter) who just put their tatas out there. Sometimes it's total nipplegate central! If I wanted to look at bare boobs, I'd search various porn sites, not my social media page.

However, our mamis (mine is on Instagram for the record) could be lurking through our social media pages at any moment and the last thing they want to see is you putting on display what they gave you. Hello, that's mainly intended for you, god, and only your hubby to see!

But if you must post a topless selfie pic there are some tasteful ways to do so. Check out these smart ideas below!

1. In a scenic place: This is appropriate if you're trying to show off a nice beach you are on and somehow are caught from behind topless bathing. At least there's more to the view than you without a top on.

2. In the bathtub: Say it's after a long day at work and you want to take a bath. This selfie is appropriate as long as you have enough bubbles to cover up your boobies.

3. In private or isolated places: Unless you're okay with showing everyone your breasts, you should choose a place that is either private or isolated to do so.

4. Use props: If you're in a bedroom, try using a transluscent curtain as a prop when taking a topless photo. If not a bedsheet will do.

5. Lighting: Sometimes too much light can ruin the sexy appeal of a topless selfie. Dim lighting can make the picture look sensual without showing more than you intend to.

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