This woman says YOU are the reason your man cheated

cheatingIf you've had exes who have cheated on you, chances are you either had a slight suspicion or you were completely blindsided by it. Leave it to "Love Guru" Linda Joyce to tell you that you're the reason men cheat and that she knows what they really want. Joyce, who is the author of the new book The Untold Story, Interviews With Men, says she's learned all the secrets there is to know about men and what makes them happy.

Wait until you hear what else this looney bin had to say!


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Joyce claims that men simply want to please women but that we are hard to please and they can't read our minds. In addition to that, she faults women for living in a fantasy world where they want to be rescued (uh, what?). As a result men clam up and don't do anything because they're afraid of letting their significant other down. Well, now you know why your hubby isn't doing the dishes. He's afraid of letting you down and prefers that you do it your way!

The divorced love guru says that men live fake lives because they've been trained to be someone they're not. In addition to their tough lives, she says that we are the cause of many of their problems because we try to change them into people they are not. The one thing I (almost) agree with her on is that sleeping with a man on the first date is a no-no. However her reasoning behind this is that he won't take you seriously in the long run and will find you less attractive in the morning . Um, it takes two to tango, no?

Her most logical point is that men prefer women with confidence as opposed to the ones who dress slutty to prove a point. Well, I can agree at least on that! What takes the cake though is that she blames us for their cheating. Apparently when women try to change them it causes them to get angry at themselves for letting a woman try to do so, that this is how they blow off steam. As a matter of fact, they just see it as a release and not a betrayal.

Oy. I don't even know why this woman is labeled a "love guru." While I agree that some women are difficult to deal with, she just threw the blame on us as a gender for "issues" men have. I guess according to her we are expected to be submissive  to keep our men happy and put ours aside. Guess what, lady? A confident woman wouldn't tolerate a man cheating on her or need to be "rescued" by one.

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