Man buys penis enlarger online, gets hilarious response

magnifying glassMen tend to be insecure about their penis size and while most just accept it, others take further steps to "improve" it. I'm not talking about manscaping to make it look bigger, I'm referring to resorting to tools to enlarge the member. One man in Malaysia thought his mini-me could use some extra inches and ordered a penis enlarger online to improve his situation.

Unfortunately the people who sent him his package (hardy har har) thought it would be funny to send him something else instead...


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The man who is only going by the name Ong ordered what he thought was a penis enlarger for a sum of $167. When he received the package, he was NOT pleased to see that he was sent a magnifying glass instead of his requested device. Well, that doesn't sound helpful at all!

The magnifying glass he received only read, "Do not use in direct sunlight" which left the scammed man furious. Well, that's just silly, a magnifying glass is only going to make it look distorted and temporarily big. Every teenage boy knows that.

Ongo reported his misfortune to the customer complaint bureau who revealed that he was a victim of an online scam. It seems that this has been happening frequently through suspicious retail sites in Malaysia.

The disgruntled customer also hired a lawyer to sue the scammers behind his purchase, but his lawyer says it might be difficult to dispute in court. "It is especially hard if there is no proof of purchase, such as receipts," explained attorney Alex Kok (his real name, we swear). "We wouldn't know who to sue or where and how to sue them."

Darn, seems like Ong is completely out of luck. He's now $167 short and still has a small penis. Maybe next time he can make his purchase at a doctor's office or a store where they sell those items. It may be a little embarrassing, but it sure beats making a BIG deal in court over a penis enlargement order snafu.

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