8 Reasons why Latinos are the BEST guys to date

hot latino guyI am trying to convince a good Gringa friend who recently split up with her boyfriend to try dating a Latino. Although I married a gringo and love him, I would like for my daughter, who was born in the U.S. and has dated primarily Gringos, to date a Latino just so that she can see how different they are when it comes to relationships. And please don't misinterpret me as both Latinos and Gringos have positive and negative cultural attributes that largely influence their attitudes and behavior.

I conducted a poll in the MamásLatinas community and found that although we don't want to stereotype, there are seven recurring traits that a lot of Latinos seem to have that differentiate them from the Gringos. 


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1. They tend to be more "passionate", "expressive" and "sensual". They are not afraid to express their love constantly and even in public. They also seem to know exactly what buttons to push with women.

2. They put familia at the center. And we don't mean just the wife and kids but even the suegra and the abuela. They really know how to "suck up" to the suegra!

3. They are more concerned with their personal appearance, the way they look, smell and dress.

4. They love to dance and socialize.

5. They tend to enjoy food and trying new kinds of cuisine, especially Latin.

6. They love curvy women. In the case of my daughter, they'd be able to convince her to keep her curves instead of keeping up her eternal pursuit to lose them!

7. They tend to be less "stuffy" or "dry" and have a better sense of humor and are constantly happy.

8. The icing on the cake would be for my friend and daughter to learn or improve upon their Spanish! And if my daughter married a Latino it would definitely make me happy if my grandkids maintained our traditions and spoke español!

No matter what ethnicity or race everyone agreed that the most important trait any man could have is respeto for the woman they're with!