4 Things your face says about how you are in bed

sexHave you ever looked at someone and thought they just ooze of sex appeal? It looks like there may be some truth to this, according to relationship expert Tracey Cox who reveals that certain facial features can tell you A LOT about how a person is in bed. If you are seeing someone new or are curious where you and your man fall in this interesting analysis, wait until you see this breakdown.

It might tell you a lot about yourself or each other that you already knew!


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Cox applies the popular art of face reading established by the Chinese to determine what our facial features and expressions mean. Besides revealing if you've spent your life happy or miserably, these expressions can reveal a little something about your sexual aura.

From your brows to your lips you can determine if you are a sexual vixen or more tame in the bedroom. Take a look at the descriptions below!

Eyes: Dark eyes means you are an intense individual in bed and are hard to get at first. If you have light eyes, chances are easily satisfied but get bored quickly and seek new partners often.

Eyebrows: Bushy and thicker brows are an indicator of a high sex drive whereas thinner and sparse ones show that you are more into a spiritual than sexual connection. 

Wrinkles: Lines around your eyelids or nose reveal that you are crave sex often and have a high libido.

Lips: Big mouths mean you are a selfless and make a better lover. However a bigger bottom lip can indicate that you are bound to stray and have an insatiable need for sex.

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