5 Ways to give your man an AWESOME hand job

Most guys I know really enjoying touching a woman's G-spot (which for most of us is our clitoris). They get so much pleasure from it and from of course seeing us orgasm. So why do so many of us chicas absolutely dread giving our guys hand jobs? I mean it's technically easier than a blow job and it's only fair we satisfy them too, right? So what's the problem?


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After chatting it up with a few of my close girlfriends, a majority of them shared with me that giving a hand job is probably the last thing they like doing for their man. They claim it takes so much time (to get him to ejaculate) and so much pressure that it almost always winds up turning into a session of tired woman jerking off horny, frustrated man. Is there any way we can make this dirty deed a little sexier for both parties?

Get the balls involved: Take one hand and wrap it around his penis pushing it down from the head to the base in a quick motion. Then take your other hand and gently use your fingertips to caress his balls. Then go from caressing to grabbing but be careful not to place too much pressure on his balms. It'll hurt and he'll probably never let you touch them again after that.

Add some lube: Doesn't it feel better when your guy is touching you down there and you're actually wet? Same thing for them. Try applying some lube to his penis before the hand job. It makes all the difference in the world.

Do the twist: Cosmopolitan.com featured this amazing hand job trick that would supposedly get your man to want to come in seconds. In other words, more satisfaction for him and less work for you. Here's how you do it: "Stack both hands on the penis and move fists back and forth in opposite directions, kind of like you are using a pepper grinder." The writer claims that within just a minute or two of doing this, her man was already on his way to coming. Nice!

Be slow: A friend of mine claims her trick to the perfect hand job is starting off slow. She gets her guy going by lightly brushing her fingers around his hip bones and inside of his thighs first. Then works her way up to his penis and slowly rubs just the bottom of the head (you know the super sensitive part) before stroking at the base of his penis up and down.

Touch his butt: Not all guys are into this, but you can try jerking him off with one hand and then sticking your finger in his butt at the same time. The added pressure might just drive him nuts or NOT!

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