SEE: Brazil's tallest teen is 6'8" & you'll never guess how short her fiancé is

elisany da Cruz SilvaWhen it comes to love sometimes opposites attract. In the case of 18-year-old Elisany da Cruz Silva and Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, this couldn't be more true. You see, Elisany is an aspiring model and Brazil's tallest teen standing at six feet eight inches, while her soon-to-be hubby is ...well, considerably shorter. How much shorter? Check out the picture after the break to see the height difference!


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Francinaldo is only five feet four inches.

The couple who met when they were 16 are taking their time with wedding planning, but have one goal in mind: to have a baby as soon as possible! This might sound rushed for a couple this young, but the teen girl has an important reason behind it. She has a tumor on her pituitary gland which is what caused her extra height. This can also affect her fertility which is her main cause of concern of having a family right away.

Although this can affect the couple's relationship, they are optimistic about spending the rest of their lives together. Apparently it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows for them because it turns out when they first met each other Elisany hated him!

elisany and francinaldo"I was still a bit childish and so I was just playing around with him for a while and I got so annoyed with him--as if he was a rival that I hated. I just didn't like him and wanted to hit him every time we met," she said. However this wasn't going to stop Francinaldo who says it was love at first sight for him.

"I checked her out and she also checked me out straight away. Then I just thought, 'I need to be with that girl'. I always found her beautiful," he explained. And looks like he won! Elisany didn't give in to his advances though until she found herself getting jealous whenever she saw him talking to another girl.

Naturally they get stares when they walk down the street due to their height difference, which makes Elisany hesitant about going out. Francinaldo is offended when strangers ogle his fiance because of her height.  "It really bothers me because people don't have the consciousness of thinking that she's also a human being," he said. However he says their relationship is special because they understand each other. He's even received her mom's seal of approval!

Aw, they sound like such a cute couple! People need to accept that just because this girl is a giant doesn't mean she should be alienated from society. She is beautiful and it's great to see her man defending her. It sounds like she found herself a keeper! Hopefully they can conceive as they planned without a problem. The good news is worst case they can always adopt or find a surrogate. I wish the happy couple lots of luck and a lifetime of happiness! 

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