5 Ways to get revenge on that cheating ex

When it comes to cheating, I can't fault a person who wants revenge. Being cheated on is painful and sometimes revenge is essential for your own self-dignity and for your sanity. This is why I'm not judging former English model Katie Price for outing her A-hole husband for cheating on her with her best friend. That's right, with her BEST FRIEND! Worse part is, this poor woman is six months pregnant!


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The pregnant model recently discovered that her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kieran Hayler, has been cheating on her for almost seven months with her so-called best friend, Jane Poutney--who by the way is ALSO married! This jerk has practically been cheating on Katie throughout her entire pregnancy. So she did what any angry, pregnant woman would do. She outed them both on Twitter!

I'm personally not a fan of airing your garbage on social media. The whole world doesn't need to know about your private issues. But then again, if I was a public figure like Katie maybe I would use my fame to humiliate the crap out of my cheating husband and my back-stabbing friend. Could you think of a better way of getting revenge? Only problem is, I get the feeling Katie is going to regret making her anger so public.

If your man cheated on you, there's nothing wrong with craving a little justice. I have to warn you though, sometimes revenge isn't as satisfying as you think. But if you need some quick healing before you begin to reinvent yourself, here are a few rational things you can do that you won't highly regret later!

1. Become REALLLY hot: Katie was seen shortly after outing her cheating husband wearing short shorts despite being 6 months pregnant. It was definitely her way of saying, this is what you're missing. So make him miss what he's lost and get yourself looking hotter than ever. Hit up the gym, dress fashionable, get that sexy haircut you've always dreamed of getting (but never had the balls to do) and get fabulous!

2. Be indifferent: I've never been cheated on (not to my knowledge anyway). But one thing I have noticed about cheaters is that a large majority of them tend to be self-absorbed narcissists. Don't text him a raging message, don't call and don't leave a crazy voice mail. The best way to get revenge on a cheater is to not pay them any attention at all. Being indifferent unnerves them. They hate this--trust me on this one!

3. Leave them: I'm sure there are exceptions, but most women I know that have taken back a cheating man, only discover after that their A-hole of a husband or boyfriend just cheated on them again. Cheaters don't take responsibility and usually don't change. The best way to get yourself out of this life of dysfunction is to leave him. While you're finding someone else better, he has to live with his crappy self and the consequences of his stupid actions.

4. Delete him on social media BUT not his friends: A cheater doesn't deserve your friendship not even if it's via Facebook or Instagram. However, you do want him to think that you've moved on with your life. So keep a few of his friends and family on and make sure to only posts hot pictures (not selfies) of yourself out with friends and being productive. He'll see how much better you're doing without him.

5. Succeed: Ever heard that old saying, "The best revenge is a massive sucess"? It's so true! I always tell my friends after a bad breakup to use that time to reinvent themselves. Now you can do the things you weren't able to do when you were with that good-for-nothing. Go ahead and be awesome!

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