Argentinean woman with no vagina gets one made from her thighs

vaginaWhenever I hear a story about women being born without vaginas, it still shocks me that they manage to go through life without any genitals. Which is why I was glad to hear there are some medical solutions to it. Recently a 26-year-old Argentinean woman who was born without a vagina because of a health condition called, Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome, had one made in the most unconventional way.

The unidentified woman had surgery in San Martin, Buenos Aires where doctors performed a vaginaoplasty using the skin from her thigh!


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This woman wouldn't be the first female to be born without a vagina or to suffer from MRKH. In fact, we reported about a teen who has the same condition before and it turns out one in 5,000 women also suffer from MRKH.

Women who are born with this condition are said to have normal functioning ovaries but they can't conceive due to being unable to get periods. Recently there have been as many as four cases of women with MRKH receiving lab-grown vaginas. Some even are able to have dilation treatments to create a vaginal canal but depending on the case, this can be unsuccessful and they require surgery.

Normally doctors cut open the woman's abdomen and use a part of the colon during the procedure, but in this case, Brazilian surgeons chose to try something different. They revealed that she is the first woman they experimented with using skin from her thigh back in 2012 which can possibly offer new options for other women with MRKH.

Fascinating! It amazes me the way doctors come up with new methods to better the health of others, especiallly women. It has to feel weird for women with this condition to finally get a vagina after being without one for so many years. It's good that there are new options coming to light and hopefully they remain as effective as the traditional method.

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