5 Things you didn't know about your clitoris

orchidLadies, it's International Clitoris Awareness Week! It sounds exciting because it's about time our mysterious lady part got paid homage. As taboo as the clitoris may be, it is one of the most important parts of our nether regions. However to this day it remains a mystery to many men and women.

We know that it provides us with pleasure, but there's a lot more to it than that--if you can believe that!


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Did you know that this is the second annual "International Clitoris Awareness Week"? It was created by Nadine Gary who runs "Clitoraid" a group who helps women suffering from genital mutilation throughout the world. Gary thought it was time for our "doorbells" to get the attention it finally deserves and to get people more comfortable with discussing them.

To celebrate the holiday, groups of women get together to talk about their clitoris and get comfortable with the topic. It's no surprise it coincides with National Masturbation Month, which is also in May. "If you're going to be aware of the clitoris," Gary said, "you have to know your own garden."

I couldn't agree more! Check out some of the interesting things you didn't know about your clitoris.

1. Men have one too: Well, not exactly. Men and women both have female genitals up to eight weeks in the womb. Eventually males develop a penis, but the clit still has the same effect on men as they do in women. The only difference is that theirs is on the foreskin.

2. It grows:  It turns out that as you get older, your clitoris continues to grow. Even after giving birth your clitoris becomes enlarged and is one of the prime reasons for incontinence in women.

3. It's the size of a penis: Remember how we've been told the clitoris is this tiny area in our vaginas? Well, it turns out it's as large as a 4 to 5 inch flaccid penis!

4. All female mammals have one: Pandas, hyenas, apes, and other mammals all have a clitoris. Bet you didn't know that!

5. Its orgasmic powers stay the same: Even though the clitoris may grow as you get older, it's power does not. Once it reaches its peak of maturity, it remains that way for the rest of your life. Therefore having an orgasm when you're 20 will feel the same way when you are 90!

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