Thanks to the Internet, we've all seen our fair share of creative save-the-dates. But the one recently created by Breton Butler and Kyrielea Beggs might top all of them! The couple put together one of the most unique (and eerie) wedding announcements of all time, based off fan favorite TV show The Walking Dead.

That's right! Get a look at the spooky save-the-date video after the jump.

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The announcement is themed after The Walking Dead's show credits, which are heavy on visuals of abandoned buildings, scary houses, and creepy woods. Interspersed with the images are photos of the couple themselves, along with all of the names of their wedding party. At the end, following a picture of her engagement rings and a snapshot of the two of them looking together, the date August 20, 2014 flashes on screen. Pretty creative, right?!

With a save-the-date that crazy, I wonder how the rest of their actual wedding will be! Still, they're not the only ones to aim for a less traditional wedding announcement. Check out their Walking Dead-like video save-the-date, along with other wacky ones here: --Additional reporting by Giselle Castro (gallery)

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Movie trailer save-the-date 1

Movie trailer save-the-date

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Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz made their save-the-date  into a film trailer.The footage comes complete with helicopters and a smoky club scene where dancers can be seen gyrating all over the place!


Zombie 2


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A Reddit user posted a picture of his ideal save-the-date and let's just say it looks very apocalyptic. I hope the wife was on board with it!


Dinosaur 3


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The couple has what appears to be an ordinary save-the-date, until the last picture you see has a velociraptor hiding in the backround.

Halloween wedding 4

Halloween wedding

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As you can imagine, a Halloween wedding has to have a creepy factor to it. Therefore I wasn't surprised that Martha Stewart offered a severed finger as a save-the-date for couples getting married on that date.


Beyonce and Jay-Z save-the-date 5

Beyonce and Jay-Z save-the-date

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This couple loves Beyonce and Jay-Z so much that they made a save-the-date video inspired by their songs. It's quite the sight to watch.Check it out here.


Rude bridezilla 6

Rude bridezilla

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This is the rudest but most direct wedding invite ever! It's perfect for the grouchy bridezilla who wants to be passive aggressive with her guests.