5 Fun activities you and your man can both enjoy

couple bondingOne of the great things about being in a relationship is that both you and your man have different interests. He may like watching sports all day, but you'd prefer attending yoga classes and book clubs. The problem is when one you tries to get the other to partake in one of their hobbies, but you aren't feeling it. Take for example Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. That picture from a few days ago of them hanging out in Mexico about to go zip-lining says it all. It doesn't look like Kanye is all that excited to join in on the fun, which is a problem many couples run into. But lets be honest, can you REALLY picture Kanye zip-lining?


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If you've been trying to get your man to show interest in your new hobby but he isn't budging, then we may have some ideas for you. The key is to may sure you choose something the two of you can enjoy without throwing a tantrum. I can tell you in my case, my boyfriend enjoys bike riding, but I'm a runner. We decided one of the new ways we could bond now that the weather is getting warmer is to work out together outside. That way we are both doing something we love while spending quality time together.

Below are some other great ideas that you and your man can both do an appreciate equally!

Take a cooking class: If you are willing to splurge (these tend to be pricey), taking a cooking class together is a fun experience. Not only do you learn each others strengths and weaknesses, but you can take joy in making a dish you can both be proud of (hopefully) in the end.

Visit museums: Taking a trip to a museum or art gallery is a great way to learn something new. Choose a museum that focuses on something you both enjoy or be adventurous and choose something neither of you know anything about.

Go to flea markets, antiquing, and car shows: There's something for both of you if you attend a flea market, go antiquing or car show. Not only will you admire the unique things people sell at flea markets or antique shops, you can get in good deals too. If your man loves cars then he'll get a kick out of checking out vintage models and you'll enjoy the historical aspect of it.

Go on some day trips: If you can't afford to go on a full blown vacation, day trips are the next best thing. Choose a place that is a do-able driving distance which consists of fun sightseeing or activities the two of you can do.

Check out wine or beer tastings in your area: If you can find a booze cruise or an alcohol tasting of some kind, you're all set. Both of you can enjoy trying out new flavors, getting a buzz on, and at the end of your tasting journey, you can take some home!

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