ex girlfriendAfter a breakup you try to cleanse your home of anything that might remind you of your ex. Whether it's amicable or not, once the relationship is over, one of the first steps to move on is to get rid of things that remind you of him. This becomes an issue if, oh, say one drunken night you thought it would be a good idea to get your ex's name tattooed on your body

That might be difficult to hide, and they are even expensive to get rid of. However some people got creative with these tattoos, that you just have to see it to believe it!

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It still surprises me when I hear of people who get a significant other's name tattooed on their body. Getting a tattoo is a serious decision and once you get it done there is no turning back. Therefore I find it to be bad luck if you were to get your man's name tattooed, because what if you end up breaking up? That has to be an awkward conversation explaining to your next man why you have the name "Miguel" tattooed on your hip bone.

There are some people who found interesting ways to cover up an ex-lover's name and while some are elaborate, they are STILL fascinating. In fact, most of these made me laugh!

Image via imgur.com

Turtle cover up 1

Looks like things didn't work out with "Lisa" therefore this guy had to find a way to cover up her name. That turtle design works! You'd never know there was ever a Lisa in the picture.


Stuff happens 2

Stuff happens

Image via Miriam_c/ Instagram

I guess this type of cover up costs the cheapest? R.I.P Olivia.



She's dead to me 3

She's dead to me

Image via Playnwithink/Instagram

You would think a guy would have messed up big time by tatting his ex-wife's face on his arm. No problem, he had her designed as a dead person the second time around. How metaphorical.

Flowers make everything better 4

Flowers make everything better

Image via Thechive.com

Looks like things didn't work out with Rudy Rojo for this woman. But her new design makes a big difference. You wouldn't know he was ever that closer to her--er--heart...


Ex-girlfriend looks cuter now 5

Ex-girlfriend looks cuter now

Image via imgur.com

This guy must have thought his ex-girlfriend was the one in order to get a full blown tattoo of her face on his arm. However things must have not worked out because now she looks like this. Better, right?