New condom delivery service will help get you laid in an hour

Have you ever been about to get busy with your partner only to suddenly realize you're out of condoms? I think most would agree it's an annoying situation to be in, to say the least. But luckily, there is now a new solution that could help all those frustrated lovers out ... at least those in some U.S. cities.

As of May 1, L. Condoms, a sustainable brand of contraceptives, is launching a one-hour condom delivery service in New York City and some parts of L.A. and San Francisco. Yup, that's right, residents of those areas can now get a pack of condoms delivered right to their door. So how exactly does it work?


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If you're in desperate need of condoms between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 p.m., you can order your choice of contraceptives, most of which cost $5 for a pack of 12. Within an hour, a bicyclist should arrive at your door to discreetly deliver the ever-important package. Not bad, right?!

The new service hopes to encourage safe sex among those who are either too lazy or too embarrassed to go to their local pharmacy to buy condoms. And anyone who uses the service will actually be contributing to a good cause. The company revealed that for every condom purchased in the United States, they will also give one to a person in HIV/AIDS prevalent countries.

I actually think this is a good idea and am kind of amazed there isn't already a whole slew of condom delivery services everywhere. Sure, it takes laziness to a new level.  And it will require a little bit of planning on behalf of at least one of the individuals, since it's an hour delivery. But at least it provides an alternative and super convenient option to those who still feel uncomfortable publicly buying condoms ... or those who are just too lazy to get up. In any case, anything that encourages safe sex can't hurt, right?

My only remaining question: do you tip condom delivery people the same way you tip food delivery people?

Image via L. Condoms

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