5 Rules for sending sexy pics safely, pass on to your man!

dick picI believe there is a time and place for "sexting" and sending other sexy messages to your significant other. However, when it comes to penis pictures, there's a whole different ettiquette to it. Seriously, have you ever received an unwanted penis picture? It's the SCARIEST (and funniest) thing EVER.

I'm convinced most guys are confused as to when the right time is to send a penis picture and usually they are WRONG. You know how I know this? Because 99 percent of the times my girlfriends have received one, it becomes a chain text and we end up cracking jokes about it!


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While we love penises of all shapes and sizes, the big issue is when a guy sends a picture of his full blown member--without a warning--and it's before you've even had your morning coffee. That is NOT okay! I have a friend who says she will be having a normal conversation via text and--BAM!--she suddenly receives a gross unasked for penis picture staring right at her. I mean, how do you blow off (NO pun intended) a guy after that awkward moment? Do you just say, "Sorry, but I already ate?"

I'm not saying that men should never send a penis picture, but I do think they need to use SOME discretion. After all if you send it to the wrong person, don't be surprised if the woman puts you on blast on social media.

Gentlemen, please abide by the following penis picture sending rules. You may just be spared the embarrassment!

Do: If you know the woman and she consents to said picture, then it's fair game. 

Don't: Never EVER send one WITHOUT a warning. I may like penises, but it doesn't mean I'm looking to be violated during my work meeting.

Do: Make sure you are manscaped. You wouldn't want us to send you pictures of an out-of-control bush, so why would we want a picture of your untrimmed hedges?

Don't: Do not send a picture to a woman you aren't sure has any interest in you. This isn't a friendly e-card you're sending just to see if she will respond. Spoiler alert: She won't and your number will be blocked.

Do: Find a flattering angle. It's weird to receive only a picture of a penis, therefore at least make the effort to find a flattering angle of your body. If she has a good sense of humor, do something funny with it such as disguising it in a silly costume.

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