5 Ways anal sex is actually bad for you

Not to be all Judge Judy or anything, but I've never understood how some chicks enjoy anal sex. I've always found it painful, awkward and unnecessary. But some women I know really do dig it. In fact, I have one girlfriend who loves it almost as much (if not more) than vaginal sex. But she recently admitted to me that she thinks it's possibly giving her some colon problems. Could anal sex be harmful?


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Not to freak you out, but apparently there are quite a few health risks that come with anal sex. Now I'm not saying you have to give it up completely. If you happen to enjoy it, there's nothing wrong with that! BUT you should be aware of some of the possible problems. Check them out!

Chances of contracting STDs is higher: "Anal intercourse carries the most risk than any other form of sexual activity. The vagina has natural lubrication, but the anus doesn't, so it's more likely to tear [tissue]," Dr. Iris Orbuch, director of the Advanced Gynecologic Laparoscopy Center and co-director of gynecologic robotic surgery at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City told Cosmopolitan.com. "Viruses can enter through those tears, so the chance of contracting STDs is much higher with anal sex than with vaginal sex." According to WedMD, studies have shown that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk for the partner receiving anal sex than it would with vaginal exposure. I'd recommend using lube during intercourse.

It can weaken your anal sphincter: The anal sphincter is the ring-like muscles that surrounds your anus and tightens after we make a bowel movement. Frequent anal sex could cause weakening of this muscle, making it harder to hold in your poop. If you're going to engage in regular anal sex, try doing kegel exercises to help strengthen those muscles.

It can give you an infection: The last thing you want to do is have vaginal sex RIGHT after engaging in anal sex. The bacteria normally found in the anus can put you at risk for developing a dangerous vaginal infection like BV or a urinary tract infection. Make sure you guys clean up before having vaginal sex.

It can cause incontinence problems: "The reason anal sex can hurt is because the sphincter is a muscle that stays very tight to hold your stool in, and you're stretching that muscle," Dr. Iris Orbuch said. "That muscle can stretch out causing incontinence problems if you're having a lot of anal sex over a long period of time."

It can worsen existing hemorrhoids: If you struggle with hemorrhoids, you might want to be EXTRA careful while having anal sex. It can't cause them, but it can certainly irritate them. Ouch!

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