The daily habit that could seriously be ruining your relationship is....

All relationships take work, whether it's juggling jobs and kids, compromising on house chores or figuring out time for a date night. But there's one daily habit that a recent study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking proves could be take a seriously toll on you and you partner without either of you even knowing it! So what is it?!


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The sneaky culprit that could be wrecking your relationship is ... social media! It might sound silly, but believe it or not, spending too much time on Twitter or Facebook can actually lead to some real romantic conflicts.

In fact, the study found that of the 581 participants who they surveyed, people who are highly active on Twitter are more likely to experience social media-related problems than less active users. And not only that. In some cases, the study concluded that some of those problems led to cheating, splits, and even divorce! Wow…who knew a seemingly harmless networking site could cause so much damage?!

The scary part is that it didn't matter how long the couple had been together prior to the problem. Arguments over Twitter use affected both casually dating duos and long-term couples!

Considering what a social media driven society we live in these days, most people would probably assume it has no affect on relationships as everyone should be used to it by no.  But it actually makes a lot of sense. Not necessarily because you don't know who your significant other might be meeting or talking to (that's more of a matter of trust than anything else), but because you're probably not truly living in the moment with your partner if you're constantly checking Twitter or updating your Facebook status.

Of course, this doesn't apply to every couple. But if you think your social media addiction could be causing a problem in your relationship, it might be worth stepping away from the smartphone….at least, for a little while anyway!

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