5 Abuela-approved love rules you should still follow

coupleI would consider myself a modern day woman with a hint of a traditionalist. This becomes difficult to balance in my personal life because I sometimes have a hard time letting go of control and letting the guy take the lead. I'm certain I'm not the only woman who deals with this dilemma during their daily lives, but there may be some logic behind our abuela's traditional ways.

After all we should allow men to court us and treat us the way we've always wanted!


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I'll be the first to admit that there are some old-fashioned love rules I can't get behind. For example, I don't expect the guy to pay every single time we go out to dinner. I think you have to use your best judgment when it comes to situations such as that one--especially nowadays when times are tough.

However there are other traditional love rules we ladies should follow and they can still apply today. Make sure you are abiding by these in your own personal life and you'll understand the term "happy wife, happy life" right away!

Let him pursue you: Today many women don't let the men chase them and give everything up right away. Where's the fun in that? Take your time to get to know him and have him prove himself to you before you let him win you over.

Let him pay: This especially applies on the first couple of dates, but even if you have been steadily dating, he should STILL offer to pay. Add the modern woman twist, by paying for the following date. The important thing is to give him the impression that he still needs to impress you.

Dress it up: Make sure to doll yourself up before seeing your man. It doesn't matter if you've been married for years or dating for a while. Making sure to dress up or at least look your best comes off like you still care what he thinks of you.

Let him carry your things: Don't be stubborn by trying to carry a heavy bag on your own. If your guy is around, let him lend you a helping hand. They like feeling needed and besides who wants to struggle carrying a super heavy bag anyway?

Make phone calls: In this techie world, it's easy to get used to texting everyone in your phone book. Make sure that you STILL communicate with your guy via phone calls at least once or twice a day. Not only will it feel more intimate, but you won't have any miscommunications that you may get through a text.

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