Engagement photos are just one of a long list of things every soon-to-be bride and groom has to get through before their big day. That's why one Los Angeles couple recently decided to have some fun with it, taking their photos in the style of romantic comedy movie posters.

As can be seen in the pictures after the jump, Dean and Julie decided to poke fun at the cliché poses and taglines typically seen in the genre and uploaded the end results to Reddit. The photos have since earned thousands of comments and gone viral ... and it's easy to see why! They're hilarious!

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The funny snapshots come complete with their own bold movie titles, taglines, and the "premiere date" (aka their wedding day), October 18. In two photos, Dean and Julie pose back-to-back. In another, Dean carries Julie in a piggyback stance. But the best and I think most accurate one is the last, entitled "Hitched," in which Julie caresses Dean's cheek, while he stares into the camera with a slightly stunned look on his face. Ha! Meanwhile, the tagline reads, "They might be a little in over their heads."

Well, I think it's safe to say that they don't have to worry about anyone having engagement photos quite like theirs. Plus, I have to say, I'm impressed with how realistic and accurate the posters look! Check them out below:

Taking the Leap 1

Taking the Leap

Image via Reddit

"After 6 years, they're finally gonna go for it," the poster describes of the couple as they stand in this conventional rom-com stance!


Stuck together 2

Stuck together

Image via Reddit

"For better or worse, for richer or poorer," the tagline reads in this "Stuck Together" poster.



The Wedding 3

The Wedding

Image via Reddit

From the pose to the fading at the bottom and the tagline, "They're about to learn that 'I do' is the easy part," everything about this fake movie poster is right on point!

Hitched 4


Image via Reddit

Maybe Dean should be an actor. The look on his face is priceless!