#aftersex selfie trendI'm not gonna lie, I love me some social media and often times when something wonderful happens in my life, I go and post about it. I do however think that in the world of social media there is sharing, oversharing and EXTREME oversharing. A current Instagram trend has people posting post amorous sessions pictures and labeling them #aftersex. That is oversharing to the MAX and I find it not the least bit sexy, but very cringe-worthy. I mean goody for you that you got lucky, but do not show me your after sex glow, grunge or grime. But of course now that I've seen these #aftersex selfies, I HAVE to share some with you.


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Call me an oversharer if you must, but at least I'm only oversharing other people's extreme overshares. Take a look at some #aftersex selfies and let me know what you think of this trend.

Image via celesteamato/Instagram

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