12 Reasons why being single rocks

Jennifer Lopez opened up in an interview for Instyle's Color issue and shared a secret that isn't the least bit surprising. The 44-year-old diva who has already been married three times, might have it all (stunning looks, a successful career, gorgeous kids and YES a young boy toy) but even so she still can't handle being alone.

Crazy right? I say it's not surprising because every single time J.Lo ends a relationship, she's in another one shortly after. I mean, she started dating Casper Smart just months after splitting with ex-husband Marc Anthony, who she was married to for seven years. What gives?


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"Look, I don't love being alone. I don't. I can't beat myself up for that," she told writer Nancy Hass in the April 2014 issue of InStyle (out this Friday). "What I have to do is figure out why I don't like it. Why am I not OK being alone? And can I be OK facing that?"

Sure, being in a relationship is great, but a lot of women really can't handle going solo. The single status scares them so much they wind up settling for relationships that don't meet their needs or standards. Why? When there are so many reasons to enjoy being alone. Trust me girl--not having a man could be awesome! Here are few reasons why you should love being single!

1. You can wear ugly (and super comfy pajamas) and you don't have to share a bed.

2. You can watch Scandal without having to constantly flip to ESPN during commercial breaks. Plus, weeknights means watching endless episodes of Sex and the City (or telenovela re-runs take your pick) after putting the kids to bed, without feeling bad that you're not paying some man attention.

3. You can take as long as you want to doll yourself up even if that means making a trip to the Dominican salon for a fresh blowout and mani/pedi, without someone bugging you to hurry up.

4. You can splurge on a pair of fancy tacones without having someone keeping track of your spending.

5. You don't have to share your time with the kids. Be honest sometimes you have more fun with them alone!

6. You can flirt with the cute plumber, delivery man, or sexy barista at your local coffee shop without feeling guilty about it. Maybe you'll even leave your number on a napkin, after all he does always get your cafécito order right.

7. You can wear what you want without someone constantly complaining that you're showing too much skin.

8. You can make decisions for yourself without having to explain them to someone else.

9. You can go out with your girlfriends without having to ask for permission.

10. You don't have to hold in your farts in bed.

11. You can date as many good looking and interesting men as you want.

12. You can devote more time to working out in the gym or for yoga classes. Bikini season is around the corner.

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