5 Ways to get in touch with your inner MILF

milfNormally the term MILF is used in a degrading manner, but it doesn't have to be. Instead I believe we need to encourage each other as women and moms to feel good in our own skin and to exude that confidence.

So how can you bring out your inner MILF? Keep reading to find out these super-effective secrets!


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I'm sure you know what the term MILF refers to (from that awesome 90s movie American Pie). If you've been called a MILF before, then high-five! You're a total sexy lady!

If you're a new mom who hasn't adjusted to feeling attractive then this is for you. Being a mom doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your looks. Yeah, our kids may come first, but we can't forget about taking care of ourselves too!

Below are some ways you can get in touch with your inner MILF. Don't be afraid to work it, girl!

Keep the romance alive: A true MILF knows she's mom, but doesn't forget that she is also a wife. It is important to keep things hot for your man because doesn't it makes you feel sexy knowing your man still wants you after all these years?

Stay active: If you don't have time to hit the gym, join in on the physical activity your kids are doing. Whether it's a game of catch, tag, hiking, or swimming, just do it! Not only will you be getting fit the fun way, but you'll get a nice body along with it too!

Get in touch with your sensual side: The other day I took a Vixen Workout class that has you shaking your thing like Beyonce. The moms I met told me it gets them in touch with their sexy side after a long day at work. Take up a pole-dancing class or something similar to embrace your womanhood!

Dress it up: Just because the baby is spitting up on you doesn't mean you should resort to sweats. Putting on your cutest dress, high heels, doing your hair and nails, and topping your look off with red lipstick is bound to put you in a confident mood. Surprise your man and have him take you out to dinner!

Buy sexy underwear: Have you ever noticed the extra pep in your step when you have a sexy new pair of underwear on? It's like a naughty little secret that only you and (maybe!) your man knows about. Keep your underwear collection up to date and get rid of those granny panties.

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