orgasmLadies, wouldn't the idea of having an orgasm faster and easier be the best thing ever?! Now this may be a possibility all thanks to scientists who found it important to make us a gadget for that exact reason. The machine is an implant placed under the woman's buttocks and is then powered by a remote control.

Once the implant is in, all it would take for the woman to orgasm is the push of a button. Hmm, but is this a safe option?


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The implant is said to be smaller than a size of a packet of cigarettes and is controlled by electrodes that help create orgasms. A North Carolina surgeon at Piedmont Anaesthesia and Pain Consultants, Stuart Meloy came up with the idea by accident after witnessing a female patient's reaction to the electrodes. "I asked her what was up and she said, 'You're going to have to teach my husband to do that,' " he explained.

Although the device is still going through test runs, Meloy's intention is to improve the sex lives of couples who are struggling with it and for women with orgasmic dysfunction. The gadget is surgically placed into the woman's buttocks and then the electrodes are fit to the correct nerves in the spinal cord that stimulate arousal and orgasms. It is then powered by a remote control that can allow women to orgasm daily or when they please at the push of a button. 

It is unclear if it would have the same effect on men, but scientists are hoping to be able to target women with severe orgasmic dysfunction. Technology amazes me everyday but I can imagine that this device has its flaws too.

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