5 Things I do that I know annoy my husband (but I do anyways)

frustrated husbandAs much as I would like to think that I'm perfect, I know I'm not. I know that no one is really easy to live with, but I might be a tad harder to live with than most. Just ask my hubby. Oh don't worry, he's no saint either. He has his own idiosyncrasies that drive me crazy, but right now we're talkin' about me and some of the things that I knowingly do though I know they will annoy him. Surely, I am not the only wife in the world who on occasion annoys her husband on purpose.


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I'm sure my hubby has a long list of things that I do that drive him bonkers, but many of those I do without thinking. Here are five I do that I do that I know annoy my husband, but I do them anyway:

1. I ask for his last bite of stuff. I can't help it that I don't notice he has almost devoured his entire slice of chocolate cake or whatever until there is only a mouthful left. I mean it's not my fault he eats so dang fast. I understand why he gets frustrated because everyone knows that the last bite of something is always the most delicious, that's why I want it. 

2. I wash dishes when he's taking a shower. Hee hee. I totally do and I use up the hot water and then when he comes out shivering and asks me if I was doing dishes, I smile and say, nope, even though it is totally obvious by the lack of dirty dishes in the sink that I did. The truth is I'm doing the environment a favor because his showers would be too long otherwise. That's how much I care about the planet. You're welcome!

3. I give him grief for not carrying cash. Let's say we are out at a farmers market and the stand only takes cash, I'll ask him for cash and when he tells me he doesn't have any, I roll my eyes at him even though I obviously don't have cash on me either. He really should know better though, since I do it to him all the time.

4. I'm sexist. Yup, I proudly call myself a feminist because I am. I believe in female equality and parity, but when it comes to spiders, rats and taking out the garbage, I am a total sexist. Those are HIS jobs, not mine.

5. I want him to be all over me. You would think I was a teenager or something because I expect my hubby to want to make out with me 24/7. What can I say? I love kissing him and I can't get enough of him that way, but if he tries to get busy with me during the middle of the night when I'm trying to sleep, well, that is unforgiveable. Do not mess with my sleep if you love me!

Gosh, I'm glad I didn't marry myself. I would totally get on my nerves.

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