Want great oral sex? There's an app for that!

lick this appAs we all know oral sex is a different experience for men and women. We ladies have to put in a lot of work and effort when pleasing our man, but most guys are clueless when it comes to our lady parts. When they're down there, they usually have no idea what they are doing, that you'd prefer to get off on your own and not waste your time.

However, our problems may be solved because now there's an app to improve your oral sex skills called: Lick This.


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The name in itself is strange, and was created by a San Francisco advertising agency called Club Sexy Time to improve the oral sex experience. The way it works is you have to lick your phone and follow three different exercises intended to make you an oral sex pro.

The whole point of the app is to get your practice in by sharpening a pencil, flipping a switch, and bouncing a beach ball during the licking exercises. There is even talk about new ones being added to the list to get your practice on even more. I'm talking a zipper challenge, whack-a-mole, and ringing a doorbell.

One man tried it out as an experiment and said that although he learned something new, it didn't give him the feedback he needed. He also made not that he made sure to clean his phone before even placing his tongue on it. Thank god!

First of all the idea of licking my phone, disgusts me! We touch so many things on a daily basis and whether or not we clean the screen, I don't fully trust it. Can you imagine seeing some guy on the street slobbering all over his phone practicing his oral sex skills? Creepy. This is one of the reasons people become germaphobes and if this catches on, I am not borrowing anyone elses cellphone.

Image via Clubsexytime.com

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