Sperm 101: Weird facts we bet you didn't know about his swimmers

spermAs humans we instinctually want to have sex both for pleasure and procreation. But have you ever noticed how uneducated we are on the topic? We know the logistics of it and how it works, but everything else is a mystery. Take sperm for instance.

Besides the fact that sperm is intended to fertilize an egg, there is more to your man's swimmers than you think. Prepare to be amazed!


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As gross as it may be, our body's fluids are fascinating if you do careful research about it. Sperm for example is something that as women we accept that it is a part of the sex-perience, but could do without.

But sperm is more than the liquid your man releases during ejaculation. It's a biology lesson itself. Instead of boring you, we broke down the most interesting facts about your guy's swimmers.

Check them out below!

1. Natural anti-aging cream: I don't expect you to go out and slather your man's sperm on your face, but you should know it has anti-aging properties. It contains spermine which is an antioxidant that is supposed to get rid of wrinkles and acne, all while keeping your skin smooth.

2. They can live inside you for days: Be mindful if you are or aren't trying to get pregnant. A man's sperm can survive almost 5 days inside of a woman genital tract.

3. Semen isn't mainly made of sperm: The truth is it mainly conists s enzymes such as citric acid, protein, calcium, fructose, and vitamin C. About only 10 percent is sperm. 

4. There are male and female sperm: Surprise! The female "X" chromosome swim faster than the male "y" chromosome, which ups your chances of having a baby girl.

5. They are constantly being made: Unlike women who are born with a set amount of eggs, men are constantly making sperm. They can make up to 112 trillion sperm their entire life.

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