6 Reasons you should be watching porn

reasons for women to watch pornThere is a whole lot of porn being produced and consumed in the world. If you think that the only people watching porn are men who can't get laid in real life, you are wrong. Porn appeals to both genders. A recent study found that of those polled, 90 percent of men and 60 percent of women admitted to watching porn. The rest are all liars--I'm kidding! But I bet you a fair percentage of them are lying.

Let's be honest, there are many reasons to be conflicted about porn, I get it. But every coin has a flip side. Let's consider some of the positives of porn and why you might want to be watching it, whether you admit to it or not.


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So here are six reasons you should be watching porn:

  • It gets you in the mood. Speaking from personal experience here, there are times that my husband reaches for me and I'm not in the mood. Watching porn can help, just ask my husband.

  • It's a great way to explore fantasies. Some things you may never actually want to try out in real life (a threesome, sex with another woman, an affair, etc.) still turn you on in the realm of fantasy. Porn lets you explore fantasies without actually having to go there.

  • It's not just for men. There are female-friendly porn sites that are meant to cater to you.

  • You can get it for free. They say nothing in life is free. I guess that means they haven't been checking out all the free porn online.

  • A recent study found that people who watch porn have more sex. If you want to have more sex, then maybe watching porn will help you out.

  • It helps you get off when you are masturbating. They say men are visual creatures, well the last time I checked most women had eyes too, so it would stand to reason that we must be somewhat visual creatures as well.

Now excuse me, I may or may not  have something I'd like to watch.

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