Kinky old man wants his wife to do WHAT?!

kinky old manI'm going to admit to a stereotype that I'm guilty of having. I seem to think that elderly people for the most part are done with sex. Done with having it, done with thinking about it, done with fantasizing about it. Surely, they are no longer kinky if they ever were, right? Yes, it is totally ageist of me and makes no sense. Of course elderly people still think about sex and want it, why wouldn't they? Take for example a couple from South Carolina. The husband is 72 years old and the wife is 58 years old. That's a 14 year age difference. You'd think the old man would have a hard time keeping up with his younger wife's sex drive, but apparently the guy is so kinky that his wife called the cops on him because he keeps trying to get her to go to go where she has no desire to go sexually. It's kind of scandalous.


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On February 13, the wife called 911, but then hung up. Maybe she was too embarrassed to talk to the police or she changed her mind. Regardless, an officer was sent to the residence where the call came from and was told that the woman "and her husband has had some sex problems for the past two years." Total bummer in any marriage.

Now, instead of going to counseling, the hubby had an idea of how to spice things up in their marriage, he "wants her to hook up with his sisters." Ewwww, that is just all kinds of wrong! I'm assuming he must want to watch or something.

The wife, pobrecita, told the cop that she's "not like that" and wants her sisters-in-law to stop coming over. All the officer could do is explain the state's trespassing law to the woman.

Can you believe that randy old man would even come up with that kind of sexual scenario? He wants to include his sisters? Uh-uh! Viejo verde!

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