5 Things your vagina can tell you about your health

I can't think of anything more uncomfortable than having issues down below. Let's face it, an itchy vagina isn't just irritating--it's awkward! You can't sit, you can't walk, and you can't even wear jeans. But what most women don't realize is a cranky vagina could be telling you a whole lot about your health, whether it's itchiness, burning, discharge, or even odor. Here are a few things you should look out for ...


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If it itches: First of all, when it comes to the vagina, no itch is the same. While itching is usually associated with a yeast infection, it's also a common symptom for STDs or bacterial vaginoisis, a bacterial vaginal infection. Try analyzing your discharge: If it's thick and white it's most likely a yeast infection. If it's a darker color you might want to check with your gynecologist.

If you have a lot of discharge: There's normal discharge and there's discharge you should be concerned about. Normal vaginal discharge tends to be clear or whitish, and sometimes even yellowish when it's dried. It also shouldn't have a strong scent. If your discharge looks too white and clumpy (like cottage cheese) yellow or greenish and has a "fishy" odor, then something is off.

If your vagina is burning: Vaginal burning can be caused by a number of things from infections, sexually transmitted diseases, chemical irritants, and even menopause. Apparently, the drop in estrogen production causes the vaginal walls to thin and dry out, which can many times leads to irritation and a burning sensation. Either way, you should still check with your gyno to see what's causing these symptoms.

If sex hurts: Pain during intercourse doesn't always mean you're struggling with an infection. Menopause, problems with the cervix, problems with the uterus, endometriosis, problems with the ovaries and even pelvic inflammatory diseases can contribute to vaginal pain during intercourse.

Fishy odor: Vaginas tend to have a distinct smell, not necessarily a bad one but don't expect it to be odorless either. However, if you do notice a foul, fishy smell it could possibly be an infection. But keep in mind that not washing your vagina often enough, or even too much could cause an imbalance which can eventually lead to an infection. Make sure you're washing with mild, fragrance-free soups.

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