Little girls give great advice with "30 Rules for Boyfriends" list

love letterBefore you met your husband or significant other, do you remember the list of qualities you expected in a boyfriend? When it comes to matters of the heart it's smart to go out there with a game plan in mind. After all, when we are looking for something serious we'd like a quality man, not one that makes us hate the entire opposite sex. Which is why when I saw the "30 Rules for Boyfriends" list two little girls came up with, I nearly lost it over their cuteness.

Not only were they wise beyond their years, but hello, isn't it obvious that your man should have these qualities?!


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Now, these girls meant business. They didn't offer only a few rules for boyfriends and instead opted for 30. The girls, 6-year-old Blaire and 9-year-old Brooke, wrote out the rules their future boyfriends must follow on a piece of paper.

Let's just say some of the things on their list are on mine and others I didn't even think of! The funny part is their mom says that Blaire is a big Justin Bieber fan and that he is her dream boyfriend. Meanwhile, Brooke thinks that Blaire can do better. Seriously, Blaire, listen to your big sister. He's just a no-good troublemaker!

If more women took these girls' advice they wouldn't deal with as many loser men that exist out there. This list should be taken as a no exceptions policy to guarantee the best possible partner possible. With rules like, "Nice hand writing" and "Don't pick your nose," they're spot-on--especially the nose-picking part because who wants THAT? Amiright?

Check out their adorable "30 Rules for Boyfriends" list below and don't forget to take notes!

30 rules for boyfriends

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