Brazilian woman wins right to masturbate, watch porn at work

wins right to orgasm at workMost people realize that watching pornography and masturbating at work is a big no-no. I mean these things would fall under the not suitable for work (NSFW) category, right? That would be true for most of us, but Ana Catarian Bezerra, a 36-year-old accountant from Brazil, went to court to fight for her right to watch pornography and masturbate while at work. Oh and guess what? She won! Now before you march up to your supervisor and demand the right to use the office computer to get your rocks off, you may want to find out why Bezerra won her case. She has a medical disorder and unless you have the same disorder, you are just going to have to keep having your orgasms and watching your porn when you are off the clock at work.


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You see, Bezerra suffers from a condition called Compulsion Orgasmic, which is a chemical imbalance that triggers anxiety and hypersexuality. Apparently, she has to masturbate for at least 15 minutes every two hours in order to be able to function normally. At one point her condition was so bad that she was having to masturbate 47 times a day. Sheesh, that is a huge time suck, no? How do you have time to do anything else? 

Realizing this wasn't normal, she sought medical help and now that she is on a variety of prescription tranquilizers, she is down to only having to masturbate about 18 times a day.

What makes this a legitimate condition is the evidence that nothing, but nothing will relieve the psychological distress and sometimes physical pain of this condition as well as the chemicals released when having an orgasm. And that my friends is why Bezerra won the right to orgasm at work.

Of course there are tons of jokes that I could easily make at Bezerra's expense, but I feel bad for her. It has got to be a pretty overwhelming condition if you find yourself having to go to court over it.

And before your husband (or heaven forbid, teenage son) tells you that he is  suffering from the same condition, you should know that Compulsion Orgasmic afflicts mostly women. Men who would prefer to watch porn and masturbate at inappropriate times are, for the most part, just being men and probably don't suffer from this disorder.

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