5 Things men think about your period that just are not true

manWhen you talk to men about your period, it's always a comedic act watching their reactions. The way they get squeamish about the topic is nothing short of amusing. Honestly, you would think you were talking about the world's most awful torture device. Well, I guess if you consider PMS mood swings to be torturous then you may be right.

However, because men are too silly to confront their fears with the period subject, they come up with their own ideas. Often times they are wrong and simply hilarious!


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I can't even tell you the number of times I'll make period comments to my boyfriend and he immediately wants to change the subject. That's not much different I'm sure compared to other women with their hubbies out there. It's almost as if it is understood that menstruation does exist, but it's not meant to be spoken about around men.

That's unfortunate because instead they resort to made up fallacies that are exaggerated beyond belief. Take for example the ones below:

Cramps are not that bad: The best way to describe cramps to a man is to picture yourself being kicked in the balls many times over an extended period of time. Although I don't get them that bad (thank you, birth control), I know PLENTY of women who suffer from severe cramps during their time of the month.

Their cars and sheets will be stained: Some guys worry that if a woman is on her period that they might stain their bed sheets or worse, their car's upholstery. Silly guys, that's what tampons and maxi pads are for!

That we are always PMSing: I can distinguish when I'm in a bad mood because of something that happened and when it's caused by PMS. To be told that we are moody all the time is a cop out because you can't blame PMS if you deliberately did something to piss us off.

Menstrual blood smells: Nope, it only smells if the woman isn't vigilant about changing her tampon or pad. So make sure you're on top of that, ladies! 

You can't have sex during your period: That's clearly never stopped many men. You can have sex on your period, but that's dependent on you. Some people go with the flow, while others would prefer for it to be over.

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