Man divorces his wife & you'll NEVER believe what he asked for

housekeeperYou know how some men are just plain clueless and stupid? Well, wait till you hear the story about the British man who divorced his ex-wife and lived with her afterwards too. The millionaire who is now in his 70's had been married to his former wife, now in her 50's, for 30 years since the 70's before they called it quits in the 90's.

Living together after the fact wasn't an issue, but problems started brewing when another woman came into the picture ... You'll never believe what this a-hole asked his wife to do after the new GF moved in.


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In 2009, the man met a new woman who eventually moved into his house along with her 12-year-old daughter. He had the nerve to ask his ex-wife, who is now in her 50's, if she could stay with them as their HOUSEKEEPER. That's when she flipped out on him for being insensitive and threatened to take him to court. The foolish man didn't even understand why she was upset by his request. 

Not surprisingly, this case DID go to court and it got ugly fast. The man claims that during their divorce he and his wife agreed that he would pay up no more than $5 million, but the judge disagreed. Instead the judge said that she deserved about $9 million dollars and that he had to pay up. Too bad old man!

Yay, justice was served! I can't believe this guy thought it was okay to ask his ex wife to do something so demeaning. He deserved to have more of his fortune handed over to her, but maybe this can serve as a warning for his current girlfriend. Does she really want to be with a man who lives with his ex-wife and is dumb enough to disrespect women this way? This could be her chance to escape and maybe she will before he marries, divorces her, and expects her to be his chauffeur.

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