5 Foods you MUST avoid before sex

SexOne of the worst things that can happen during sex is having an embarrassing moment all because you ate the wrong foods. Okay, maybe you weren't prepared to get it on, but if you prepare ahead of time, you can make your sexperience more pleasant.Think about it: If you eat a bean burrito before seeing your man, it doesn't exactly make you feel in the mood.

There's nothing less attractive than accidentally farting during whats supposed to be a sexy moment. However, if you stay away from THESE foods at all costs, you'll be in the clear in the bedroom.


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Besides accidentally letting one rip, eating the wrong foods before sex can make the overall experience unpleasant especially if you overeat. If you eat too much sugar, you may feel nauseous, if you overdo it on a hearty pasta dinner you may have indigestion or heartburn. And you would be surprised to know that the wrong foods can even affect your libido!

To prevent any of these discomforts from happening inthe first place, try to eliminate these foods beforehand. Trust me, you'll enjoy yourself more and will want more than one round of your sex session!

Peppermint: Although you might think of popping in a piece of minty gum before getting intimate, beware. Peppermint can reduce testosterone levels and ruin your libido. Opt for peppermint tea instead if you need to freshen up your breath. 

Beans: It's pretty self-explanatory why beans aren't ideal before getting it on. Sure it's healthy, but can we say flatulence central?

Alcohol: If you plan on having a glass of wine to loosen up, that's one thing. But avoid getting too boozy before having sex. Alcohol is a depressant which means you might just end up falling asleep!

French fries: Fries and other saturated fat filled foods might seem harmless but they can negatively affect your testosterone levels, and affect blood pressure and circulation.

Red meat: Pass up on that steak dinner if you want to have sex tonight. Because the meat takes awhile to digest, it can make you sleepy and tired before you even hit the sack.

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