4 Crazy things you didn't know about your vagina

vagina factsVaginas are fascinating, just ask any heterosexual male. No, but seriously, they are. I've had a vagina for as long as I can remember and it has been rather useful. My husband finds it rather useful too. You would think I'd know my vagina like the back of my hand, but I don't. You know, the poor things spends most of the day covered up, it's no surprise that is should still hold some mysteries. Let's talk about some of the things that aren't so readily knows about vaginas in general.


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Here are 4 crazy things you probably don't know about your vagina.

  • It can fall out! What?! It's true it really can. My friend had it happen after she had a baby. It is called pelvic organ prolapse and it happens because the muscles that support your vagina can stretch out and weaken. TERRIFYING!

  • Your vagina has something in common with a shark. You know that your vagina has the natural ability to lubricate. Well, that natural lubricant contains a compound called squalene, which also exists in shark livers. Interesting.

  • Your pubes can only grow so long. This bums me out because with the comeback of pubes, I was hoping to braid mine or grow them into dreads, but it turns out that pubes only grow for about three weeks.

  • Your clit beats any penis. A penis has about 4000 nerves on its head, whereas my girl the clit has about twice as many

Ladies, knowledge is power. Embrace your girly bits, learn about them, and use them to make love, not war.

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