5 Ways to make sex last longer

Though there's no doubt that you enjoy getting busy with your man, it can definitely be frustrating if you constantly feel like its over before things even really got started. Luckily, there are certain tricks you and your partner can practice to increase sexual stamina and extend your time in the bedroom. How? Below, check out  five ways to make sex last longer:    


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  1. Make out! It's a basic form of intimacy, but as adults, it tends to fall to the wayside. So lock lips and take your time getting in the mood!

  2. Focus on foreplay. Take turns warming each other up. If your guy tends to reach climax before you, have him focus on you a little more before sex so you'll feel satisfied even if you don't reach the big O-during intercourse.

  3. Breathe! Learning how to breathe more fully will actually help you last longer in bed. Why? Focusing on your breath will expand your pleasure but relax the tension that tends to build during arousal.

  4. Change positions. One of the easiest ways to prolong sex is to simply change positions. It'll give you a short break but still help increase sexual stamina.

  5. Try desensitizing spray or condoms, which slightly decrease sensation in his penis and help him last longer.

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