Woman has epic orgasm that lasts HOURS & it's anything but fun! (VIDEO)

A couple decided to have a little morning sex before heading to work never imagining that after the act one of them would end up in the emergency room. While it may sound hard to believe, Liz experienced an orgasm with no end. Two hours into her orgasm and after trying all kinds of things--including jumping up and down and drinking wine to calm hersefl down--her partner, Eric, decided it was time to go get medical help.


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At the hospital, the medical staff originally thought Liz was in labor because of the noises she was making when she was brought in. Little did they know that she was there because her orgasm wouldn't quit

After an hour in the ER, Liz's orgasm finally waned and she was back to normal. Can you imagine it? The couple's unusual sex story was featured Saturday on TLC's show "Sex Sent me to the ER" and I'd never heard of something so crazy!

I guess the idea of having a long-lasting orgasm doesn't sound that bad, but after a while, I'm sure it's no longer fun or pleasurable. I'm not really sure why it took Liz so long to decide to go to the hospital. I imagine she was embarrassed, but after the first hour it would've been obvious to me that there was something extremely wrong. 

Now, why Liz would then chose to share her weird story with the world is something I will never understand. ¡Qué loca!

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