How to make your home more harmonious for you AND your man

I love living with my fiancée, I really do. I can't think of anything better than coming home late and exhausted from work to a healthy, delicious dinner cooked by my man. Or how I'm never stuck cleaning our apartment by myself because he loves cleaning and organizing ten times more than I ever will. And did I mention he's handy? Like REALLY handy! But ... even so, there are days I just want to pull the hairs out of my head. Like when I find boxer briefs on the floor of our bedroom or how he NEVER remembers to put in a new toilet paper roll. Or my favorite: When he leaves the seat up. Seriously, do they think we're not going to notice?


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The truth is, whether you've been living and married to your guy for years or just moved in together, there are bound to be ups and downs. There are going to be days when you absolutely adore each other and days when you want to kill each other. That's all normal. The trick is to know what to do when he's irking the crap out of you (which he will ALWAYS do by the way). Here are five rules to help you keep the peace between you and your man at home!

Pick your battles: I've learned that some fights just aren't worth having. If he's not helping you clean, cook, or even with the kids' homework than that's worth a discussion. But if he wants to watch his soccer game every Saturday morning, let him watch it. Use that time apart and get yourself a mani!

Be flexible: I consider myself a flexible person overall, but sometimes living with a super laid-back dude can make you rigid. But even so, it's important that you BOTH compromise sometimes. You'd be surprised how much you'll both appreciate each other for it.

Be independent: I'm a big fan of personal space. And when I don't give myself enough alone time, boy do I get cranky. If you're in each other's faces ALL THE TIME, you're bound to get on one another's nerves. Retain some independence by finding some time every week for yourself. Whether it's having brunch with your girlfriends on Sunday mornings, hitting up the gym a couple of nights a week, or just sitting on your bed and reading for an hour so. If you want your cohabitation to be peaceful you need space.

Be vocal: If he has habits that are pissing you off, be vocal about them. Keeping those feelings bottled up will only lead to a big, bad fight later. Trust me you don't want that happening, especially not in front of the kids. Don't make it a fight either. Approach him politely about your concerns and let him know you're willing to work through these obstacles together. And try not to constantly seek validation either. If you're always asking him for reassurance, like "Babe are you mad at me?" is makes you seem insecure.

Laugh together: A happy couple is a couple that laughs together. But not every guy is a clown. Do things that are going to make you both laugh like watching comedies, playing games, or teasing each other. Lighten up every here and there, life is way too short.

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